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Mormon Missionaries Teach, Serve and Extend the Hand of Fellowship in Queenstown, New Zealand

'I have always been blessed by the joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I want to bring that joy to others.'

Tucked away in a quiet corner of beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand with the majestic Remarkables mountain range as a backdrop, the Queenstown Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints welcomes members and friends to worship and learn.

The former private residence converted to a meeting place serves members of the local branch where Sunday services and other meetings are held.



Five times during the week a unique opportunity is offered free of charge at the branch. It is open to anyone who wants to learn or brush up on English.

The English class is taught by two clean-cut, young men−both from the state of Idaho, USA.

These two 19-year young adults accepted an invitation from the Church to serve a full-time mission for a period of two years in New Zealand.

They serve at their own expense and live modestly on a set monthly budget.

They can speak directly to their families just twice a year−on Mothers’ Day and Christmas.

They agree to follow very specific guidelines and rules. Their leader, President Newman N. Soloai, President of the Wellington, New Zealand Mission is their leader, advisor and mentor while they serve away from home.

One might wonder why these two young men in their early prime would walk away from all they love to move to a foreign country and serve those they do not know.

When asked, Elder Pincock gave his reason, “I have always been blessed by the joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I want to bring that joy to others."



Currently the pair are serving in Queenstown where they spend their days seeking out ways to serve the locals as well as teaching the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

In addition to teaching the good news of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, Elder Briggs, from Rexburg, Idaho and Elder Pincock from Burley, Idaho are extending the blessing of learning English to anyone desiring to perfect their English skills which allows more opportunity for meaningful employment.

Although they do not speak a foreign language, they are remarkably able and clever in their approach to teaching English.


Each of these young men come with unique backgrounds and talents which they have had opportunities to share.

Elder Briggs hopes to pursue a degree in business and prior to leaving the USA had won awards for his abilities in business planning. After his mission, he plans on continuing his education in business at BYU Hawaii.

Recently Elder Briggs met an individual at a recreation facility who needed some very specific help. “He confided that he just needed a kind and patient person to sit down and help him write a business plan so it could be presented to local officials in preparation to start his own business,” Elder Briggs recalled.

“Imagine the joy of knowing I had the specific skill he needed and that I could help him.”

Elder Pincock loves to restore old cars and understands engines inside and out. He is planning on pursuing a career that matches his love of vehicle and engine restoration.

Recently the pair passed a vehicle that had its flashers on sitting on the side of the road. They passed by, but further up the road they felt impressed to return and offer help.

They learned that the car had “died” and wouldn’t start.

Elder Pincock was delighted to share his knowledge, help the owners start the car and give them advise as to what part they might have checked.

These Idaho transplants love Queenstown and the opportunity to serve there, but as all missionaries, they will spend time and then be transferred to another area in the mission.

No matter where they go, you will find them in their white shirts, ties and the badges identifying them as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They will continue to serve and teach in the area they are assigned in the country they have grown to love.

Watch a short video on missionary service.


Mormons believe in sharing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and living it's principles every day.

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