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Family Values and Faith Pave the Way for a Compassionate Nursing Career

Many consider a career in the medical profession.  Due to vigorous academic standards, for many, the journey falls short. 

Such was the feeling that plagued Cherith (Cherry) Brown as she considered her future.  However, she relied upon faith, family values and determination in order to achieve her goals.


Cherry never considered herself a good student.  Perhaps it was because her natural talents in music and performance seemed to be sufficient.   But she had other gifts ― gifts of caring and compassion so evident to family and mentors.  After a suggestion to consider a nursing career, Cherry‘s interest was sparked.  She did not know how to start but felt another defining characteristic of her personality ― determination.

With investigation, the career path became clear.  However, the academic challenge was still intimidating.  Cherry began.  She soon discovered she was actually a good student.  She simply had never applied herself.  This time it was different.  She knew what she wanted.

The road was tough.  At times, it seemed impossible to balance study, work and personal commitments.  That’s when she drew upon her core strengths ― family values and faith taught throughout her life as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“The Church … is a very important part of my life,” she recently told the Pacific Guardians website.

Cherry is now concluding a three year journey resulting in achievement of her goal with excellent prospects for employment and the satisfaction of doing something she loves.  She set an additional goal for the next five to seven years ― to be a nurse practitioner which will increase her professional scope and responsibilities.

Cherry is deemed exceptional by colleagues and teachers.  There is a “wairua” with her work, others say.  A special spirit that aids in the gift of healing.

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Nurses around the world are honoured for their service each year on International Nurses Day (12 May).

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