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Cook Islands Girl Chasing Her Dreams in Hawaii

'Education is an investment that brings great rewards and opens doors of opportunities.'

Kayla Kaimarama was always fascinated with politics growing up in Arorangi, Rarotonga.

One of six children, Kayla is now on the path to becoming a political analyst, the first in her family to pursue an education outside of high school.

"It is common for people to work instead of getting an education, so they can support their family," she said.


While serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Missouri (USA) Kayla was "inspired by the members who are alumni of BYU Hawaii" and decided she would follow her dreams there.

Now in her second year at BYU Hawaii, Kayla is pursuing her education and working part-time at the Polynesian Cultural Center as a multi-purpose guide.

Because of her on-going education and employment at the BYU Polynesian Cultural Center, Kayla says, "I have so much pride in my culture now than every before."

She went on to say, "It is my dream after I leave this place to continue learning about my culture and about who I am as a Polynesian woman."

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Mormons believe that we should educate our minds, improve our skills, and perfect our abilities so we can be a better influence for good in the world, provide for ourselves, our family, and those in need.

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