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American Samoans Find Healthy Lifestyle Changes Can Be Fun

"Eat Healthy and Be Active" program lifts more people

A group of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from American Samoa gathered on Saturday 13 July for a graduation ceremony of the 'Eat Healthy and Be Active' wellness program. 

These adults had participated in the program since the beginning of the year and many made remarkable progress in their quest to improve their health.


As part of the gathering the members played a variety of games emphasizing physical activity. 

Certificates of completion of the course were distributed and all of the members stood up and shared some of their expreriences.

Iesepela Elenio described increased flexibility and weight loss as a result of her participation in the program. She could not drive a car previously but now she can as a result of her weight loss.

David Crichton noticed changes in his life including less illness and greater energy. He said he wanted to keep going with his lifestyle changes, taking his life "to the next level."

Alai and Nive Nielsen said they replaced their habit of drinking flavoured sugary drinks with water and offered to help others with planting fruits and vegetables in their yards.

After the ceremonies a healthy lunch was served, featurning many of the foods recommended in the program.



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