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Church Representatives Support New Zealand Interfaith Gathering

Muriel and Junior Samuela, Auckland/Northland directors of public affairs for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, represented the Church at an interfaith gathering at Auckland Town Hall with New Zealand’s Race Relations Commissioner, Mr Meng Foon.

The meeting was a chance for faith and government representatives to discuss issues of common concern including defending religious freedom and belief for all, and strengthening vulnerable individuals and families.


The Council Chambers at the Auckland Town Hall was near to full as leaders and representatives from many faiths and other groups met for the launch of the third edition of the National Statement on Religious Diversity in Aoteroa New Zealand.

Dr Paul Morris, from Victoria University of Welington, opened the evening by sharing the latest statistics on religious faith, and the need for religious literacy in society.

In her remarks, Councillor Josephine Bartley said “there are many similarities in our differences.”  

She also stressed the importance of working together in our communities.

Mr Meng Foon acknowledged various faith groups’ participation in New Zealand communities, and how this involvement plays “a very important part in the fabric of New Zealand society.”

He encouraged all in attendance to “share their faith and to take the time to learn about each other’s faith.”

Jocelyn Armstrong, one of the Trustees of the Religious Diversity Centre, concluded with asking all to look within and see what we each can do to make a difference.

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