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Rugby Legend Sid Going Talks About Serving Others

New Zealand All Blacks rugby great reflects on lives strengthened through missionary service

New Zealand All Blacks rugby legend, Sid Going, and his wife Colleen Going recently spoke to members and guests of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Wellington.

The topic of their remarks was not rugby, however. It was missionary work.   


Going famously left a promising rugby career as a young 19 year old man to serve as a missionary in Alberta, Canada with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

While there he met Linda Baxter and her family. He invited them to come to worship services and to learn about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

After some time learning about the Church, Linda decided to be baptised.

Her father, who was a Latter-day Saint himself but hadn't attended church meetings for some time, started coming along again, and was able to baptise his daughter.   

Many years passed and Linda wanted to reach out to thank the young missionary for introducing her to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. 

She was amazed to find out that the missionary who had taught her the gospel had returned to his native New Zealand and become a famous rugby player. 

After over 50 years, she wrote a letter to that missionary and thanked him. To further the surprise, when she and her husband volunteered to serve as senior missionaries for the Church they were called to serve in New Zealand.   

The former missionary and the woman he taught half a century ago, were reunited in New Zealand. 

Linda, now serving a senior mission with her husband Garth Bennett, spoke at the devotional along with the Goings.

Sister Bennett, as she is known as a senior missionary in the Church, spoke of the many blessings that have come to three generations of her family because of the gospel that was introduced to her by the then Elder Going and his missionary companion. 

As she spoke a large picture of her extended family was projected on a screen behind her. 

Sid and Colleen Going were touched by the sentiments expressed by Sister Bennett. They talked about their faith in God and His Son Jesus Christ. They also shared experiences they have had over the years to serve others in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  

Speaking of Sid Going's missionary service, Sister Bennett's daughter said:  "Your influence for good continues to grow."

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