Havelu Middle School Easter Program Highlights Principles of Peace

Havelu Middle School Easter Program Highlights Principles of Peace

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Supporting The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint’s invitation to learn and follow the principles of peace taught by the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, the Church’s Havelu Middle School in Tonga assigned each homeroom to learn one of the eight principles of peace as outlined this Easter season at Mormon.org.

To help the students learn the assigned, each homeroom was asked to prepare a skit to dramatize what the Saviour taught in the principle.


Skits and songs were prepared and later presented in a program attended by the entire school.

In remarks at the beginning of the Easter program, school principal, Lavenia Fonua Taufalele, said, “Easter is not about the chocolate bunnies, the Easter eggs and the long weekend, but a true reflection of the Saviour’s love for all mankind, including you and me. May you help others feel of his love through service, [and] help provide peace to those that seek it.”

She also presented them a challenge, “I invite you to listen carefully and participate in teaching the principle taught by your homeroom. Learn all eight principles of peace from the Prince of Peace Himself. This is the beginning and it will be an ongoing celebration each year for Havelu Middle School.”   

Teachers and students agreed that the program was a great success. According to one teacher, “It was such a joy seeing the students perform their best, especially learning from the Saviour himself.”


At the end of the program, the faculty prepared apples and bottles of water with an Easter message that read: “Peace begins with me through faith, God’s word, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, repentance, hope and prayer.”


Students and teachers each left remembering the Easter theme: “Follow the Principles of Peace as Taught by the Prince of Peace,” and understanding how they can find peace at this Easter season and throughout their lives.

The principles of peace as taught by the Prince of Peace can be found at mormon.org.

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